Young and old we all love the water....

The Municipal Pier is located at the bottom of King Street.  The Pier hosts an annual Kids Fishing Day where kids are invited to come and learn from some of the town’s old salts. They learn basic fishing tips like how to tie a hook on their line or tie a knot, but more importantly, they learn how to fish, they enjoy comradeship.   They disconnect from electronics and enjoy nature.  The Rappahannock is a beautiful river.  We are happy to share our little piece of it. 

Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Port Royal protects 125 acres of critical habitat, over 1,664 feet of river frontage and more than 5,000 feet along Roy’s Run creek.

Honoring Our Veterans

Port Royal is proud of our heritage and we honor those who have served to ensure our freedoms as we know them today.  

 A Memorial proudly stands on town green as a solemn reminder to those of us who have family that has served.  Bricks have been laid to honor family members either presently serving or who are no longer with us.  Some of our bricks are in remembrance of loved ones dating back to 1672. 

Rappahannock River Water Trail

This location includes a fishing pier, viewing areas, and a soft boat launch, as well as interpretive signage about the history of the area and a living shoreline.

This site fills an 18-mile gap in access, straddling the Route 301 bridge. This site is 8 miles from the nearest upstream access and 10 miles from the nearest downstream access and provides access to some of the area’s wonderful recreational opportunities.

The Rappahannock River Watertrail and the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail run past the site. These trails have been designed to help the public celebrate the history of the region and explore the incredible natural world. The Port Royal site will provide a way to get on and off of these water trails.

Additionally, this site is adjacent to the Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge was recently highlighted in the National Park Service’s Chesapeake Bay Watershed Public Access Plan as a potential access site. The soft launch allows paddlers to access the refuge by water.

Self-guided Walking Tour

Take a walk along the streets of Old Port Royal for a self-guided tour.  Visit the many old 18th century homes and Churches and enjoy the beauty and splendor of some of the beautiful old boxwood gardens.