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3/20/2020 Communication from Mayor

Electricity went out in Port Royal the morning of Friday, March 20; and the water system then went down.  First call noticing this was at about 2:30 am. By 5:00 am, I began sending messages by email and text to Caroline County Utility Department.  At a relatively decent hour of about 7am, phone calls were made. 
By 7:30, the Director of Caroline County Utilities had a crew dispatched to fix the problem. That is a very fast and responsive service, at that early in the morning. 
However, there must be a better solution.  The following actions result in solutions now and solutions in process:

  1.  Alex Long met with one of the Caroline County Utility Department engineers who showed how to fix the water system, go thru procedures to rese+t a number of switches.  As a result, we can more quickly fix the problem from the Town. 
  2. JP. Wilkerson has volunteered to help be part of the solution and act, at whatever time of day or early morning, to reset the switches.  Alex Long will give JP the information as to how it is done. 
  3. Our Town Engineer has been contacted to reach out to Caroline County Department of Utilities and get details on a piece of equipment we can place in the pumphouse to prevent the switches tripping when the electric goes out. 
  4. The Town does have a generator to kick-in when the electric goes out; and the new equipment will allow that generator to work. 
  5. Bids must be obtained and the Town Council must approve the expenditure. 

Overall, it was a very productive morning of work and accomplishment at a time most people were sleeping.  The Town is very responsive and proactive. 
Best regards, Alex Long, MayorTown of Port Royal, Virginia  

The Port Royal Planning Commission


Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a five-member commission appointed by the Town Council.  All members of the Planning Commission are private citizens and must be residents of the Town of Port Royal.   The primary purpose of the commission is to review land development applications.  

Members of the Planning Commission

Chairman:  Terri Harrison

Vice Chair:  Rick Chenault

Secretary:  Allyson Finchum

Alex Long: Member

Phyllis Sue Carpenter:  Member 

Denver Porter:  Member

Established Meeting Date & Time

The Plannning Commission meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM.  

The meetings are held in Town Chambers; Port Royal Town Hall; 419 King Street, Port Royal, VA  22535

Open Meetings

The Planning Commission meetings are open to the public.  Citizens are encouraged to attend.  

Agenda Items currently being disucssed

301 & Rt. 17 Corridor Study

Comprehensive Plan Update

*Note that the agenda is not limited to the 301 & Rt. 17  Study and Comp plan.  Other items are added to the agenda as directed by Town Council. 

The Mayor, Town Council and Staff Welcome you.....

Alex Long - Mayor

Sharon Farmer - Vice Mayor

Bill Henderson - Council Member

Gladys Fortune - Council Member

Jeff Isaacs - Council Member

Donna Wilkerson - Council Member

J P Wilkerson - Council Member


Town Staff

Allyson Finchum - Town Manager & Zoning Official

Travis Quesenberry - Town Engineer

Joe Fortune - Public Works

Jackie Stearns - Housekeeping

Terri Harrison - Town Clerk


No upcoming events.



Blue Bar Bakery

Located at 328 Main Street   Port Royal  VA  22535  804-466-9594

Bo's Market Place

Located at 22523 A P Hill Boulevard Port Royal, VA  22535  

Horne's Restaurant and Gift Shop

Located at 25532 A P Hill Boulevard Port Royal VA  22535

Li'l Grandma Sweet Shop

22535 A P Hill Boulevard  Port Royal  VA  22535

The Minnow Bucket Antiques

Located on the Corner of Main Street and Middle Street

Kermit's Corn and More

26373 Tidewater Trail  Port Royal  VA  22535  540-840-4783

Port Royal Trading Post & Antiques

Main Street   Port Royal VA  22535  540-395-7421


304  Main Street  Port Royal  VA  22535  252-917-4642

Cedell Brooks Funeral Home

25662 A P Hill Boulevard  Port Royal VA  22535  804-742-5447

House of Grace

25734 A P Hill Boulevard  Port Royal  VA  22535  804-742-5630


Located on Main Street  Port Royal VA  22535  804-761-7004


Matute Auto's LLC

25614 A P Hill Boulevard  Port Royal, VA  22535 804-884-0036 

Mid Atlantic Lab

224 Main Street  Port Royal  VA  22535  804-742-5577

Port Royal General Store Antiques

25422 Tidewater Trail,  Port Royal, VA  540-395-7421

R & M Maintenance

706 Caroline Street Port Royal VA  22535 540-907-3934 

Yates Landscaping & Lawn Care

Patricia Lane  Port Royal VA  22535  540-903-9701

Randolph's on the River Restaurant

Main Street - Port Royal  VA  22535

Historic Port Royal Museum & Gift shop

Main Street Port Royal, VA  22535

Upcoming Town Events

Upcoming events

Kid's Fishing Day

Be sure to mark your calendar for this annual Kid's Fishing Day Event!  

May 23, 2020 from 9AM to 12:30 PM

Children are given lessons on fishing.   

Members of our Community are on site to assist and oversee this fun safe event. 

Light refreshments are served! 

If you have never been, you won't want to miss this year!

See you at the Bottom of King Street at the Fishing Pier.


Around the port.........

Self-Guided Walking Tour

Self-Guided Walking Tour

Self-Guided Walking Tour


Take a walk along the streets of Old Port Royal for a self-guided tour.  Visit the  many old 18th century homes and Churches and enjoy the beauty and splendor of some of the beautiful old boxwood gardens.   

Scroll down to the bottom of the web-page for a downloadable pamphlet to assist you along your way. 

Upcoming Events

Self-Guided Walking Tour

Self-Guided Walking Tour


Kids Fishing Day

Saturday May 23, 2020

Kids' Fishing Day at Port Royal.  Parents and children are welcome to come spend a day enjoying free food and prize while learning about fishing.  We offer lessons on fish, biology, how to tie knots and basic water safety rules, and laws of catch and release. 

Located at the bottom of King Street

Town of Port Royal, VA  22535

for more information contact Jim Heimbach 

& Liz Heimbach

or call  202-320-3063

Make Port Royal your Destination

The Roy Chimneys

Self-Guided Walking Tour

Young and old we all love the water....


Port Royal was first settled in 1652 and was chartered in 1744.

Tradition says that Port Royal was named after the Roy Family. 

John and Dorothy Roy owned a warehouse chartered by the crown, a ferry service and a tavern. 

Dorothy Roy was the first woman entrepreneur in the colonies.

These chimneys are all that remain of the Roy House. 

Young and old we all love the water....

Young and old we all love the water....

Young and old we all love the water....


The Municipal Pier is located at the bottom of King Street.  The Pier hosts an annual Kids Fishing Day where kids are invited to come and learn from some of the town's old salts......they learn basic fishing tips, like how to tie a hook on their line, or tie a knot, but more importantly, they learn how to fish, they enjoy comradeship.   They disconnect from electronics and enjoy nature.  The Rappahannock Is a beautiful river.  We are happy to share our little piece of it.  

Port Royal Honors our Veterans

Young and old we all love the water....

Port Royal Honors our Veterans


Port Royal is proud of our our heritage and we honor those who have served to ensure our freedoms as we know them today.  

 A Memorial  proudly stands on town green as a solemn reminder to those of us who have family that have served.  Bricks have been laid to honor family members either presently serving or who are no longer with us.  Some of our bricks are in remembrance of loved ones dating back to 1672. 

If you are interested in purchasing a brick please contact the town office. 


Young and old we all love the water....

Port Royal Honors our Veterans


Come and shop at one of our three antique stores.  Each individually unique in their own way.  Many treasurers await your visit. 

Horne's Restaurant, an icon of the town offers not only fine cuisine, but a gift shop filled with interesting gifts and old fashioned trinkets to remind you of your visit to Port Royal.....

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Town of Port Royal

419 King Street #29, Post Office Box 29 Port Royal, VA 22535-29

(804) 742-5331



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